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USC Online stated: 14 Resources to Bookmark for Digital Literacy
May 02, 2016 by Leah Anne Levy    

In the Tool and Resources section of this impressive site, you’ll find a long list
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Children Count

The Future of Education is now

  1. Daycare and Preschool
    Daycare and Preschool
    The early years are one of the most important building blocks with children's education. It is essential that we have parents involved with their children's learning. One way that parents can help is to read to their children every day.
  2. Elementary & Middle School Students
    Elementary & Middle School Students
    We continue to build on what the students have already learned with their parents and to increase their learning. Building on what the parents have already have started and continue to the students learning.
  3. High School & Higher Education
    High School & Higher Education
    As students get older they start to take care of their own learning, Finding that passion in themselves. Students should have all the right tools to succeed and using these tools to excel.
My name is David Smith; I currently hold an Ed.S. in Educational Technology with a background in Instructional Design, IT, and Coaching educators. I want to transform students, teachers, and parents that change the world in positive ways. We need to enrich student lives with a highly diverse education that can collaborate and create positive changes in society as leaders. We need students that have the next technology today to assist them in various forms of learning. Working with diverse cultures from around the world and knowing that each individual learns in their own unique way. My goal is to make positive contributions to education and help to influence students, teachers, parents, and administrators by collaborating with them on changes that are much needed in today's education. I continue to do this today by hosting my website giving teachers, students, and parents tools that can be used to assist students in learning. Let’s make changes to education that are desperately needed for students.
My philosophy is that we continue to learn no matter what age we are. No matter what skin color, culture, religion, or belief. We all have the right to learn and gain knowledge; through educational technologies, there are ways to make the learning more enjoyable. With the assistance of tools, collaboration, project-based learning, simulations, and using technology to find the potential for all students.

We must  become the change we wish to see in the world - Mahatma Gandhi
Students Come First
Inspire Students
Project-Based Learning / Individual Learning
Inspire student to take a risk and go after their dreams. We all know that technology is the not the only answer for everything, it is a tool to help us reach a higher knowledge. So ask yourself what do I want for the future of humanity? We need to put down our differences and start to create the world for all. We require students to work collaboratively and are willing to fail. This is how people learn, and this is why we need to get away from the old traditional classrooms. Inspire others to excel at anything they love to do and have compassion for others. See what we can accomplish and see how young students might amaze the world when they have a chance to try.
If you have any questions, please visit our Tools and Resource Page where I have lots of helpful articles that will assist you in ways of learning.

MKM Reading System Article -
at the bottom of this page. 

I really enjoyed reading your article about the MKM Learning System and I am very interested in purchasing it from Mrs. King. My grandfather was a Development Optometrist also and I learned how to read using this system. I would love to purchase this system (especially the teacher's manual) so that I can help others learn by using this amazing system.- Kia N.
Future Educational Technologies

We are continuing to add new material, let's collaborate, and share any resources you might have that can help others to enhance learning.